Hey, look!

It's a Thing!

go go Do Cho!

Just a quick and silly caricature of a friend.

sketch of a thing.

Robo Bub

one more Dragon

Sketchies Sketchy Sketches

Long time no post, I know. my apologies. life gets in the way and all that jazz. which is sort of Ironic, considering how much I like Jazz.
where was I? yeah, so - Drawing and painting had to take the backseat for a while. I ain't too pleased with that either, honest...
anyways, these are some silly doodles and unfinished stuff. some were ideas for possible future collaboration with my Buddy boy Ewald "cool" Wip

better something than nothing, no? :)
thanks for watching!

Good Night.

Here be a painting I've done after an adorable sketch
by the Lovely Danielle Eden. I'm just a sucker for cute little girls. :)
I mean... not... not in a perverted way, mind you. not at all.
I mean... I like little girls, is all... I mean, I'm not a creep, you know.
shut up.

Bada Bing

Hey there! so, this one's a fun and quick painting of a sketch by a good friend of mine, Renaissance-man Doron Meir.


WOTC's new KaiJudo Card set is coming!
This is one (others to follow) of the card illustrations I did for the new set, and it's out.
Done under the guide of Art-Director extraordinaire, Keven Smith.

go get them all!

initial rough sketch:
corrected clean sketch:


Part Hog, Part Man. it's a HogMan sketch.

Bat in Trouble

Holy Ravioli, Batman!
Happy 75th Anniversary.


Another collaboration done with Luigi Lucarelli.I'm enjoying these immensely.
sketch by Luigi, painting and stuff  by yours truly.

Hey Red!

Here be another real fun collaboration I did with one of my favorite artists working today:
Luigi Lucarelli. he mastered shape control and character appeal in such a way, it makes my insides melt every single time I look at his work.
anyway, enough pandering.
sketch by Luigi, painting and stuff  by yours truly.


Portrait of Self

the thing that wouldn't shut up.
(or: New self portrait with new haircut)

Fun With Friends #2

Another fun Painting done after the great Matt Smith. :)

Trinquétte Cyborg femme fatale

My entry for the wonderful Trinquétte Publishing challenge. this week the theme was an open one, so I went for it and had a blast. the pose in the ref was tricky, the legs especially and I'm still not happy with them. but hey look - shiny lens flares! :)


I was asked by a lot of good people if I could explain a bit the process behind the Pippi Longstocking piece (see previous post here). so, I whipped up a quick Tutorial using the same lighting scheme more or less.
hope it makes sense and benefits you guys. enjoy! :)

Fun with Friends

I've been real busy lately, but I did find some time for one of my favorite pastime activities -Collaborations. well, this time it's more of a painting over some artist-friends' sketches. :)

these two were done after the lovely Danielle Eden:

and this funny guy was done after the wonderful Ariel Belinco:


Alecia Moore, AKA Pink - done for the fantastic Caricaturama challenge on FB.
never been a fan of her music, but I do  think she's hot. am I being superficial? probably. ;)


All of a sudden I realized I haven't painted a self portrait in a while.
so, there you go.

Oh My...

This one's my Humble contribution to the FB Caricaturama challenge.
this month: George Takei.
ENGAGE Mr. Sulu!

light from 2 moons

"That's when J.J. knew it was gonna be a special day.."

another 23 minutes Spit-Painting. (well... more of a 23 minutes spit-sketch, actually) ;)

Rocket Penguin

another 30 minutes Spit-Painting.  :)

Sad Clown

When clowns get sad... they get REALLY sad.
a 30 minutes Spit-Painting. this was fun. :)


Got it?

I drink your Milkshake!

"I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people."
gotta love me some Daniel Plainview.

some "There Will Be Blood" Studies, yo.
about 30-35 minutes each.

once again, I wasn't too concerned with likeness here, the goal was mainly to examine the overall shapes and try and capture some of the mood/color/lighting of the frame.

down Below you can see how I do what I do, I hope this makes sense and benefits someone somehow. :)

you do not talk about it

"I felt like destroying something beautiful..."
and so I did. ;)
these are some Fight Club Studies, about 30-35 minutes each.
(a time-limit urges you to get things down fast and dirty, and it is challenging, bub.)
I wasn't too concerned with likeness here, the goal was mainly to examine the overall shapes and try and capture some of the mood/color/lighting of the frame.