Making faces, Again.

I can 3D !

well, not really.... it's more an elaborate painting on a 3D model. I call the technique - "what does this thing do? ohhh.... I see...back to Photoshop now." :) 

Some More Faces

Making More Faces

Making Faces

Experiment 5267856


This one is a collaboration with a friend and a Fantastic artist, Borislav Mitkov. I painted his Sketch, and had a blast ! 

My Painting:
Borislav's Sketch:


Collab with E

I decided to do a quick painting of a fun sketch by the fantastic Ewald Wip

Robot Sketchy





"Gerty, I'm not programmed..."

A 45 minutes study of Mr. Sam Rockwell.

I was asked about the brushes I use, so - PS CS6 custom-made brushes. these:

Enji Study

A 40 minutes study of the always gorgeous Enji Night.


A 25 minutes head study.

Quick Landscape Sketching


Lizard dude

Desert thing

Happy Self Portrait Day!



APC-R 55

Hog Right

One more collaboration with the great  Einav Deri.
Below - her lines and design, which I then painted. :)

Beware the CrocoViking

This was a collaboration with  Einav Deri, a fellow artist and a friend, a very talented young lady. below you can see her lines and design, which I then painted. so much fun!

Hayo Yihe

Here's a Book cover I illustrated. The book is a collection of short stories written by several authors, and it also includes one short story by yours truly. :)


Hayo Yiehe.

Experiment 526

It escaped!

Hulk Quiet Time

Hulk SMASH. then Hulk REFLECT.
Another old sketch I decided to revisit.

Auburn and Red

This one is an old study I decided to noodle some more with.

Red 333

...and one more old sketch I showed some lovin' to.

Sickly Pale

one more Revised old sketch.

Sad Mino

Another Revision of an old sketch.


Revision of an old, OLD sketch.

What if it's a Trap?

"It's Undoubtedly A Trap."
oh Gandalf, you Wizardly so and so....

"The Hobbit" Study.
about 35 minutes.

As Before, the goal here was mainly to examine the overall shapes and try and capture some of the mood/color/lighting of the frame.