14 Aug 2014

Bat in Trouble

Holy Ravioli, Batman!
Happy 75th Anniversary.

6 Aug 2014


Another collaboration done with Luigi Lucarelli.I'm enjoying these immensely.
sketch by Luigi, painting and stuff  by yours truly.

5 Aug 2014

Hey Red!

Here be another real fun collaboration I did with one of my favorite artists working today:
Luigi Lucarelli. he mastered shape control and character appeal in such a way, it makes my insides melt every single time I look at his work.
anyway, enough pandering.
sketch by Luigi, painting and stuff  by yours truly.

1 Aug 2014


11 Jul 2014

Portrait of Self

the thing that wouldn't shut up.
(or: New self portrait with new haircut)

10 Jul 2014

Fun With Friends #2

Another fun Painting done after the great Matt Smith. :)

9 Jul 2014

Trinquétte Cyborg femme fatale

My entry for the wonderful Trinquétte Publishing challenge. this week the theme was an open one, so I went for it and had a blast. the pose in the ref was tricky, the legs especially and I'm still not happy with them. but hey look - shiny lens flares! :)

8 Jul 2014


I was asked by a lot of good people if I could explain a bit the process behind the Pippi Longstocking piece (see previous post here). so, I whipped up a quick Tutorial using the same lighting scheme more or less.
hope it makes sense and benefits you guys. enjoy! :)

3 Jul 2014

Fun with Friends

I've been real busy lately, but I did find some time for one of my favorite pastime activities -Collaborations. well, this time it's more of a painting over some artist-friends' sketches. :)

these two were done after the lovely Danielle Eden:

and this funny guy was done after the wonderful Ariel Belinco:

20 Jun 2014


Alecia Moore, AKA Pink - done for the fantastic Caricaturama challenge on FB.
never been a fan of her music, but I do  think she's hot. am I being superficial? probably. ;)

18 Jun 2014


All of a sudden I realized I haven't painted a self portrait in a while.
so, there you go.

13 Jun 2014

Oh My...

This one's my Humble contribution to the FB Caricaturama challenge.
this month: George Takei.
ENGAGE Mr. Sulu!

light from 2 moons

"That's when J.J. knew it was gonna be a special day.."

another 23 minutes Spit-Painting. (well... more of a 23 minutes spit-sketch, actually) ;)

12 Jun 2014

Rocket Penguin

another 30 minutes Spit-Painting.  :)

11 Jun 2014

Sad Clown

When clowns get sad... they get REALLY sad.
a 30 minutes Spit-Painting. this was fun. :)


Got it?

10 Jun 2014

I drink your Milkshake!

"I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people."
gotta love me some Daniel Plainview.

some "There Will Be Blood" Studies, yo.
about 30-35 minutes each.

once again, I wasn't too concerned with likeness here, the goal was mainly to examine the overall shapes and try and capture some of the mood/color/lighting of the frame.

down Below you can see how I do what I do, I hope this makes sense and benefits someone somehow. :)

5 Jun 2014

you do not talk about it

"I felt like destroying something beautiful..."
and so I did. ;)
these are some Fight Club Studies, about 30-35 minutes each.
(a time-limit urges you to get things down fast and dirty, and it is challenging, bub.)
I wasn't too concerned with likeness here, the goal was mainly to examine the overall shapes and try and capture some of the mood/color/lighting of the frame.

4 Jun 2014

Dragons 2

Here be some MORE dragon sketches, yep! :)
about 10 minutes per head.

2 Jun 2014

Space Dragon

still just messing around. ;)

Space Troll

just messing around. :)

26 May 2014

Paul Atreides Sketch

A very quick n' dirty  "Dune" character sketch. :)
still one of my favorite series of books, ever.

23 May 2014


Here be some dragon sketches, yeah! :)
about 10 minutes per head.

21 May 2014

Teenage Alien Chick

hello there! here's the latest of them fun collaborations done with Sir Ewald Wip. :)

20 May 2014

There he is

oh waldo... you knew it was just a matter of time...

12 May 2014


This one's a new Collaboration done with Ewald Wip check it!

25 Apr 2014


hello there! here's another Collaboration I did with Ewald Wip yeah!

14 Apr 2014


A new Collaboration, done with Mr. Ewald Wip :)

9 Apr 2014

Happy... Passover...

oh... if you're Jewish, you know what I'm talking about... ;)

8 Apr 2014

The 4 Brothers

Happy Passover! :)